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E-Commerce Packaging

Excellent visual medium

Operating an e-commerce business is inextricably tied to the process of sending products in smaller or larger packages. The contents must be protected from damage to avoid complaints from customers. To ensure the stability and durability of the package, it is worth investing in the right shipping packaging. Both cardboard boxes and envelopes in many formats are used for this purpose; modern e-commerce packaging may be not only functional but also visually appealing. Their function is not limited solely to transport as they are also successful as a marketing device. Carefully designed e-commerce packaging allows a business to stand out from the competition and increase brand awareness among all those who interact with the packaging, not necessarily the package recipients.

Modern e-commerce packaging

E-commerce packaging, that stands out from the competition, does not have to include visual identity features to positively influence the image of the brand. In an online store, products should always be sold with the highest level of customer service which also applies to the proper protection during transport. A product that is delivered to the customer intact through the use of suitable shipping packaging is the best form of proof that the packaging used is suitable for the purpose. A smoothly executed transaction can effectively encourage customers to make a purchase again. Even the standard and minimalistic design of shipping packages can attract the attention of recipients who may appreciate their functionality and practicality. The simplicity of such cartons and envelopes is also suitable for maintaining the anonymity of transactions.

High design quality

For online store customers, both high product quality and suitably attractive shipping costs are of particular importance. The delivery time is also important, especially if you have a large number of orders. The shipping cardboard boxes that we offer significantly increase packing efficiency which speeds up the entire process. Their design is based on a suitably constructed and durable bottom which can successfully withstand different load levels depending on the size. High-end shipping boxes are made of solid cardboard, protecting products exposed to damage. The material is multi-layered which further enhances safety and prevents crushing or other damage. Such e-commerce cardboard boxes allow for the shipment of both very fragile and particularly heavy items. The use of such cardboard boxes ensures that the contents remain undamaged which means that they successfully meet the diverse customer needs.

Cardboard Packaging
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AAP All About Packaging offers packaging, display and logistics services to the e-commerce industry. With support in warehousing and distribution of goods, our clients can focus on building their brand. We offer e-commerce packaging and exposure display services.


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E-commerce packaging and envelopes

We offer cardboard packaging that can be used for many purposes. Including ecommerce packaging.

AAP shipping Packaging

Courier Packaging

We offer parcel boxes in many different dimension standards to meet the requirements of the courier companies operating in the industry. Depending on the target content, shipping cardboard boxes can work well for direct-to-consumer deliveries and those made to parcel machines. Versatile dimensions guarantee safe transportation in all cases, and the shipping boxes can be perfectly matched to the dimensional parameters of the delivered goods, including the possibility of placing multiple products in a single parcel. The right size selection means that the shipping box can optimally contain all of the customer purchases. The optimised size allows the goods to be packed ‘tightly’, in a manner that eliminates empty spaces and the risk of damage.

Versatile and complex use

Cardboard boxes for shipments are not the only way to deliver goods to the customer. When smaller products need to be delivered, the e-commerce envelopes offered by our company will prove very useful. You can use them to send documents and commercial offers, gaining the certainty of safe mail delivery to the business partner. Shipping envelopes come in many different formats that allow contents with a specific maximum weight to be contained inside.

Another important feature of e-commerce envelopes is the shipping cost which is significantly lower for an envelope than for a box made of cardboard or other materials. The e-commerce envelope can be used in many businesses, e.g. bookstores, jewellery stores, printing houses and all industries with small goods to ship.

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