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Co-packing, known in Poland as product packaging, is a process that aims to give a product its final shape by packaging it. Co-packing is a complex process that takes place in the manufacturer’s logistics area which may also be an external company providing this type of service on an outsourcing basis.

It is a comprehensive service of packaging or repackaging products from unit or bulk packaging, replacing damaged packaging or creating ready-made promotional kits. The service is mainly addressed to manufacturers and product distributors.

Product packaging comes in many forms, and it is not just a simple sticker with a barcode on the package that makes up the packaging, but also the entire process of placing the product in the pre-designed container and distributing it among the various branches or distribution points.

Professional co-packing

All About Packaging offers a comprehensive co-packing service – we accept products or intermediates and deliver the final packaged product ready for sale. The packaging service leads to actual savings and growth opportunities for small companies that can focus on sales instead of logistics.

Goods requiring repackaging are usually delivered in bulk boxes which are not suitable for sale and dispatch for various reasons. AAP offers a comprehensive service, so co-packing can also include a packaging design service, including preparation of labels, foiling or attaching advertising leaflets. This service is provided as part of the outsourcing of logistics processes, thereby contributing to the reduction of related operating costs and eliminating the need to invest in specialised machinery, employ additional staff and store goods in-house. The possibilities of using co-packing are very wide, however, the most common use of this service is for the professional preparation of products for sales and shipping purposes.

Versatile use of co-packing

Co-packing is commonly used by online stores that do not plan to invest in their own packaging department, outsourcing such a service to our company allows your company to eliminate fixed costs arising from the need to maintain employees, as well as the expenses incurred for their training in the field of goods packaging. Co-packing is also chosen by companies that prepare occasional products, e.g. casual gifts or Christmas presents. This service also works very well if there is a need to repackage some goods for re-sale or to include leaflets or coupons in the packaging. In each of these cases, our co-packing solution significantly optimises logistics processes in many industries, reduces business costs and saves valuable time.

Modern goods packaging

Product packaging is one of the activities carried out as part of co-packing. It covers a wide range of activities that allow for comprehensive listing, sorting, packing and labelling of goods according to requirements. Packaging is one of the final stages of the entire process, as it prepares products for sale and dispatch, and as part of this service, we offer both warehousing and distribution.



Complete Service


We offer the service of storing goods in our warehouse space. We have modern infrastructure and qualified staff, and the storage service includes storage of goods, records of receipts and releases, as well as inventory and reporting of inventory to the ordering party.


We distribute goods according to prior arrangements. Outsourcing distribution is a very convenient way of merchandising own network, without the need for transport and therefore without the additional costs arising from fleet maintenance.

The physical goods flow that aims to deliver goods to the shops and other points is the essence of distribution. In this approach, the distribution of goods is combined with a process called logistics.

We distribute the entrusted goods between the designated points in the country, directly from the warehouse. We guarantee on-time delivery and thorough preparation for the orders entrusted to us.

Cardboard Packaging
at Its Best

AAP All About Packaging offers packaging, display and logistics services to the e-commerce industry. With support in warehousing and distribution of goods, our clients can focus on building their brand. We offer e-commerce packaging and exposure display services.


Our design team will compose the product packaging from scratch


Packaging is an ideal carrier of visual identification. Take care of this aspect thanks to the prints on the packaging.

Cardboard packaging and displays

From the smallest to the thousands. We adapt our offer to the needs and requirements.


E-commerce packaging and envelopes

We offer cardboard packaging that can be used for many purposes. Including ecommerce packaging.


We offer high-quality printed cardboard packaging that will make your brand stand out.



We offer a wide range of POS materials, such as stands and wobblers. Our products effectively support the display and promotion of products at points of sale, helping to highlight your brand.

Co-Packing Outsourcing in Poland

Advantages and benefits of co-packing

Packaging is the final and very important stage of preparing products for sale and dispatch. The professional implementation of this service guarantees that the goods are carefully protected and reach their recipients in intact condition. Packaging also speeds up delivery and helps to build a strong brand image which increases the brand awareness level and customer loyalty to the company. In practice, this results in an increased advantage over competitors who have not yet decided to use such a service within their own business. Our co-packing and packaging services are carried out with great care – with regard to both the correct modification of the external informative features of the packaging and the correct positioning of individual products and goods.
At AAP we believe that the measure of our success is the opinion of our customers. We are flexible and we treat each order individually. We provide product packaging on individual, pre-established conditions. Contact us so we can choose the best solution for your company together.

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