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Cardboard packaging and displays

All about packaging

Design and production of packaging and displays

No modern brand can exist without a suitable graphic design which is why packaging has become such an important element of visualisation and brand communication. The packaging not only greatly facilitates storage and transport, but also protects against damage. Properly designed and manufactured cardboard packaging can also emphasise the functional and visual qualities of a product. Displays, also known as display boxes, allow for comprehensive use in this respect. Their advantages include not only the possibility of effective product advertising but also high practicality and cost-effectiveness.

Durable and functional cardboard packaging

Our packaging provides effective protection for stored and transported goods. This is due to the use of appropriately prepared corrugated cardboard, made of layered pieces of material – such a packaging structure effectively cushions the stored contents, eliminating the risk of possible mechanical damage. Due to their relatively low production costs, cardboard packaging contributes to savings at the goods shipping stage. Cartons have a significant advantage over their wooden, metal or plastic counterparts which are much heavier and more expensive to produce. At the same time, the cardboard surface makes it possible to easily include information about the goods, weight or other data, which considerably simplifies logistics processes.

Comprehensive utility

Corrugated cardboard packaging is highly versatile which makes it widely used in many industries – including industrial, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, services and trade sectors. Corrugated cardboard cartons are perfect for storing goods and products of various types without any negative impact on their condition, parameters or properties. Cardboard packaging can fulfil not only typical utility functions, as it is an excellent element of brand advertising and effective marketing. The fact that they occupy very little storage space is not without significance. Before and after use, they can be folded to save valuable space. Depending on the needs and requirements, such boxes can come in different sizes and shapes.

Packaging and displays

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packaging and envelopes

We offer cardboard packaging that can be used for many purposes. Including ecommerce packaging.

Display and cardboard bonding

Our design team will compose the product packaging from scratch

Cardboard Packaging
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AAP All About Packaging offers packaging, display and logistics services to the e-commerce industry. With support in warehousing and distribution of goods, our clients can focus on building their brand. We offer e-commerce packaging and exposure display services.


Our design team will compose the product packaging from scratch


Packaging is an ideal carrier of visual identification. Take care of this aspect thanks to the prints on the packaging.

Cardboard packaging and displays

From the smallest to the thousands. We adapt our offer to the needs and requirements.


E-commerce packaging and envelopes

We offer cardboard packaging that can be used for many purposes. Including ecommerce packaging.


We offer high-quality printed cardboard packaging that will make your brand stand out.



We offer a wide range of POS materials, such as stands and wobblers. Our products effectively support the display and promotion of products at points of sale, helping to highlight your brand.

AAP packaging and displays


The display packaging allows the products to be presented to the recipients without having to open them. A characteristic feature is a stable bottom, as well as a slightly higher rear wall. This design allows customers to conveniently reach for products while allowing sellers to store goods in an orderly manner. Displays (display boxes) are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, and their specific design makes it impossible to store products in an original way. Unlimited printing possibilities allow the development of a unique display that will distinguish a specific brand among the competitors through a unique visualisation. Due to their high durability, the displays can be used repeatedly which contributes to savings and is also important for the environment. Our displays retain their display functions and aesthetic appearance even when used repeatedly.

Depending on the size and dimensions of the product, we select suitable materials for the displays to ensure optimal durability. These packages may additionally have cardboard inserts or dividers, or even corrugated cardboard trusses. The designs can be enriched with different solutions for bottoms, walls, perforations, lids or bonding. The most frequently used form is the packaging with an envelope bottom and a top flap which, when opened and folded in half, allows additional advertising space to be created with the option of cutting out any shape. Such designs often use perforations in the front wall and sides at a slant. The finished packaging is characterised by a very solid and shapely design and is exceptionally light. Due to their high durability, the displays can be transported comfortably and without fear of damage to the products.

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