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Display and cardboard gluing

Display gluing

Repeatability and accuracy

Undeniably, the packaging is now a very important element of every product, not only for its effective protection against external factors but also to emphasise its visual and functional qualities. Packaging also has an advertising function and its production requires the surface to be properly glued to create a solid and uniform joint. The method used in this process is erecting and gluing which works really well for displays and ordinary cardboard boxes.

Modern technologies in the packaging industry

The cardboard boxes are glued using various methods, and each of them has unique properties and ensures high quality of the connection. These packages are characterized by a firm structure due to the use of carefully selected materials. To successfully fold cardboard or corrugated board, it is necessary to achieve sufficient adhesion and, at the same time, a short gluing time. We use only the highest quality adhesives from proven global brands, thanks to which we are so sure of the quality of the connection.
We glue corrugated, coated, uncoated, dye-coated or difficult-to-adhere layers. The preparations which we use are suitable for gluing various forms of cardboard which allow for effective and visually pleasing gluing of displays and other cartons.

Innovative gluing methods

Package gluing is carried out in a manner appropriate to the parameters of the material. The air humidity during the production and transport of cartons and displays is crucial as is the temperature variation on the production floor or in external conditions. The choice of gluing method is also determined by the production process itself, and due to the high package rate, it is necessary to ensure the shortest possible gluing time. Additional difficulties, such as the need to foil or coat packaging, require special solutions. For this reason, we glue the cardboard pieces together with the correct adhesion level in mind. If the surface for gluing is too smooth, we use technologies that provide optimal technical conditions for the entire process.

Cardboard Packaging
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AAP All About Packaging offers packaging, display and logistics services to the e-commerce industry. With support in warehousing and distribution of goods, our clients can focus on building their brand. We offer e-commerce packaging and exposure display services.


Our design team will compose the product packaging from scratch


Packaging is an ideal carrier of visual identification. Take care of this aspect thanks to the prints on the packaging.

Cardboard packaging and displays

From the smallest to the thousands. We adapt our offer to the needs and requirements.


E-commerce packaging and envelopes

We offer cardboard packaging that can be used for many purposes. Including ecommerce packaging.

Cardboard gluing

Precision and repeatability

Displays, also known as display boxes, serve as an effective means of presenting the product inside the packaging and highlighting its advantages. They can be used to clearly present the content without the need to take it out of the box. The advertising function is additionally enhanced by the possibility of overprinting which encourages purchase or performs an informative role. We carry out display gluing for many industries, including cosmetic, pharmaceutical, electronics and food sectors. Solidly made and glued packaging has an attractive look, and at the same time it speeds up the process of placing goods on shelves performed by shop assistants. Products presented with the use of displays are well protected. Properly glued displays play a protective role and ensure that goods are correctly displayed on shelves. The possibility of easy transport and storage is another point that is significant for the broadly defined logistics industry.

High-quality packaging and adhesive strength

The adhesives used by our company are very suitable for securing packaging due to their high performance and they can be used to fold both display cartons and those for storage and warehousing only. The entire process consists of pre-forming the packaging, then applying adhesive in the appropriate spots and assembling the finished carton. In our company, the work is conducted manually with the use of high-quality raw materials. Corrugated cardboard and other materials used are distinguished by their high stability and environmental friendliness, as well as their exceptional lightness. Packaging prepared in such a manner is perfect as an advertising tool and brand identification element which at the same time effectively protects the product. The solidly glued display will successfully meet the requirements of any company in terms of its functions and finish. This is due to the major advantage of the methods used over classic stitching or the use of gluing tapes – they ensure an appealing look, high adhesive strength and reliability with every use.

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